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How to stay fascinating.

If you are alive and love your business, there’s always something to say. The problem is – especially after newsletter #158 – you feel like you’ve run out of ways to say it. Here’s a few different things you can steal, from some of the best digital minds in the business.

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Love letter. Not Newsletter.

Do you have a blank mind, to match that paper when you sit down to write? That’s because you are thinking like a business – when you should be thinking like, well, you. Here’s your foolproof way to enjoy writing to your subscribers – and to sell more when the time is right.

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Segmenting your list, like your social life

Unless you are in the marketing business (or employ someone like myself), the word “segmentation” will provoke two reactions;

A: I don’t know or
B: it brings you out in a cold sweat as it means reviewing that tangled web you have made of your email list.

The cure for both conditions is to start thinking of your audience, as you would do the school playground – as a five-year-old child! Are you ready to start smiling? And getting a better reaction from your readers?

A plain white jigsaw with one missing piece which show a black surface: A/B split testing is the missing piece in your results puzzle, find out with A/B results

A/B testing for results that matter

One of the best things about email marketing is the fast feedback. With A/B tests, you can get the results back in as little as an hour and the right tweaks can make your results soar. The trick is testing for the right results – which takes a little forethought. Follow this step-by-step guide to really increase those KPI’s.