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Calling all coaches, consultants and professional service providers!

Are you looking to spruce up your sales pipeline or launch a new product?

Book a day with me for your own tailored email marketing session.

How my day sessions work

In a one day (6 hours) or half-day (3 hours) session, I can review your sales copy, set up your new email sales funnel or simply go through your CRM to make it work more efficiently for you.

You’re booking my

with this offer,
not a set of deliverables.

This service is perfect for you if:

  • You need automated systems to save you time
    but you don’t have the time to set them up!
  • You are expanding your sales team and the
    in-house process is chaotic and costing you money
  • You know your message and mission,
    but you can’t articulate it to your audience
  • You need to increase your email list,
    but you don’t know how
  • You want a better conversion rate on your emails
  • You are ignoring 80% of your email list
    (and they are ignoring you!)

By the end of our session,
you will have a

plan of attack

to improve your systems
and results.

I will also schedule a 30-minute follow-up phone call with you, to check on progress and answer any questions you may have.


(it’s a team effort)

Full day’s system review

For a full day’s system review (including CRM), I am happy to travel to UK-based offices, providing travel expenses are met.

Half-day booking

For a half-day booking, I will review your marketing online and run a discussion via Zoom or Skype


In order for this to be a success, I need my questionnaire filled and sent back to me 24 hours prior to the booking. I will also need access to your system on the day. I can provide instruction on how to allow me access if needed.


Payment in full is required, 24 hours before the scheduled booking. You will also get a contract and NDA for a quick digital signature at that point.


I will send you an end-of-day report that day or the following day.



3 Hours



6 Hours


Let’s talk

If this sounds like something you and your email list need, simply fill out my contact form and let me know your time frame.

I’ll follow up to gather any additional details, then I’ll let you know what free dates I have and how the day “works”.