My name is Natalie Phillips and I help brands like yours articulate their message, reach their customers and create a buzzing community around their service or product.

I have been doing this for a while – over a decade in fact. I have worked as an email marketer for brands as diverse as Unilever, Coventry University, Johnsons Cars and the RNIB. I have handled monthly email sends of over a million customers and experienced every type of data pattern from zero interest to an 80% sign-up rate.

On average, my clients experience a15% uplift in email opens and interest and double their list size within 6 months. More importantly, I bring the fun back into the marketing of their business by eliminating routine tasks and giving them the freedom to experiment and focus on their customers.

I do this by working with you on your emails, ads and CRM processes, so you have a smooth, easy process in place to communicate to your customers. As part of the process, I also nail your story to the page and bring out the unique elements of your brand.

Fun Facts about Me

I live in
Cornwall, UK

I’ve moved house 14 times and lived in three different countries

I have cats for
office companions

Most of my hobbies involve a fair amount of mess. I make wine and incense when I have a spare weekend.

I read an average of two books a week and consider chocolate a valid food group

I believe that meditation is as essential as exercise for your mind.

I swim, run and do yoga
(to burn the chocolate calories)

I have traded in my car
for a scooter

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