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List-Building Tips & Tactics

Use your sign-up form everywhere
Make it inevitable for people to sign up to your list.

Most email providers offer landing pages. Create one if you haven't already and add it to as many places as you can:

- As a hyperlink in your social profiles
- As a regular post in your newsfeed (and tell they why they should do it!)
- In your signature
- On your quotes, invoices and receipts
- When commenting in groups (if appropriate)
- Under your videos on YouTube
- At the end of a webinar
- In your PDF documents
- On your business cards as a shortcode or QR code
- On a poster or slide (QR again) at events
- In chat conversations for Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram, if you use a chatbot
- As a T-shirt decoration (yep, you can print a custom code!)
- In a shop window
- As a banner in someone else's email
- As part of your ads strategy

Eventually, it will become second nature for you. No: people won't become bored because they've seen it multiple times.

What matters is your offer and positioning when you persuade them to sign up.
Use referral links
Fun fact: 70% of us trust a stranger's review and 92% of us will accept a friend's recommendation. (Opt-in monster).

So, use it to grow your email list!
This works well for the smaller lists if you are in regular contact with your subscribers.

You can do it via a basic survey or try / referral rock for a more sophisticated program.
Borrow an audience
Complimentary list swapping or ad placement in larger newsletters is one of the fastest ways to grow your audience.

Ad networks include Beehiiv, Paved and NetAtlantic.
Try co-registration
The thank you page is one of the website's most powerful sections. With Co-registration, the advertiser places your newsletter link on the website's page.

Co-registration can work well if you pick your sites carefully. I recommend tagging anyone you get with this method so you can monitor their response to your emails and decide if they are a good fit for you.

Popular co-reg sites include Fluent, Opt-intelligence and After Offers.

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